Values are at the heart of sport, just as they are in life

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“Olympian” is the title given to any athlete who has taken part in the Olympic Games, irrespective of whether they won a medal.

Participating at the Games means that an athlete has managed to qualify as one of the best in their discipline in their country, with the aim of measuring up against the best athletes from around the world.

The challenge is a significant one, and commitment, self-betterment and friendship are just some of the essential values needed to meet it.

How about you – what values are particularly important to you?

Visitors can answer this question in the form of a photo which can be added to the “YOU” display. This original, symbolic feature collects feedback at the end of the “We are Olympians, and You?” temporary exhibition.

It shows that the values present in sport are just as relevant to the everyday lives of each and every one of us.

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