My DIY Sports Venue – Second place

The three winners of the “My DIY Sports Venue” photo competition tell us more about their images and demonstrate that there’s more to taking a photo than you think.

📷  “High-wire act”, Fred Trobrillant – Second place, competition jury prize

Who I am

I have been taking photos for around 10 years. I shoot events and also carry out photography projects with schoolchildren.
I don’t really play that much sport, although I do play football and basketball from time to time.

What inspired me to take this photo

The photo was taken at an artistic event. The performers’ movement across the building’s flat surface changes the normal aspect of the laws of gravity and vision, as does the focus range of the choreography. I also drew a lot of inspiration from the lighting at that particular moment, with its strong contrasts.

How I took the photo

This was an unposed photo taken on the spot. The dance company is using the structure as a means of support for movement. Armed with my camera, I took several photos from the foot of the building.

A word on the shoot

At the start of the performance, I was a bit too far away (with a focal distance of 35mm). So I had to position myself at the foot of the building to get a better frame and a better perspective… The rest was about monitoring the lighting and the performers’ movement.

What I particularly like in this photo

What I like in this image is the unreal element and the position of the subjects, which calls to mind films such as Inception or The Matrix. Moving vertically across a wall like this is not something you see every day.

The message I want to send with this photo

The DIY venue: the façade of a building…
The sport: a magical world where gravity does not exist.
It’s true that the shot and point of view really does change with this photo, particularly because of the way it is set up.
For me that really fits in with the theme.

Fred Trobrillant – The photographer