The message of the values fostered during the ceremonies

At the Games ceremonies, the Olympic values are expressed to full effect and make the Games an exceptional event that stands out from other sports meetings: Universality, Peace, Respect, Fraternity, Diversity.

DIVERSITY: The opening ceremonies kick off with the key people – the athletes! Gathered together behind their country’s flag, over 200 delegations march into the stadium.
UNIVERSALITY: Once the head of state has proclaimed the Games open, the Olympic Anthem is performed and the Olympic flag makes its entry.
FRATERNITY: The arrival of the flame and the lighting of the cauldron are highly symbolic moments. The flame marks the link with the origins of the Ancient Games.
PEACE: A symbolic release of doves calls for the peaceful running of the Games.
RESPECT: On behalf of all the participants, an athlete takes an oath and promises to compete cleanly, respecting all of the rules.
FRIENDSHIP: The Olympic Village, where the athletes live during the Games, is a celebration of the world’s cultures and openness to others.

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